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Another Thank You,, Specialty Vehicles And Displays

Since the show’s closing on March 24th, we’ve been trying to keep things up to date regarding all the "after" things that go on. It’s a daunting task, but we are managing to get it all done. Many people don’t understand the scope of putting this show on, so that’s why we feel the need to have this news blog to keep everyone informed. As those that participated and walked the show floor in 2013, you may have seen quite a few Special Display vehicles. Well, each of them that were at the show brought their respective vehicles to the show because we asked, and to show them off. We would like to thank each and every one of those people for spending the weekend with us and we also look forward to seeing them again in the near future. If you see them out at an event, make sure to stop by and thank them.

Those people are as follows:

Bill Braukmann with the Shockwave monster truck.
Gary Courtier with his 68 Camaro Pro Mod
Tim Taub with his Corvette Pro Mod and his 67 Nova
Rocky Pirrone with both the Screamin Eagle and Frantic Ford nostalgia funny cars.
Hanna Motorsports with the Queen of Diamonds jet dragster
Rodney Fazakes with the Eastern Raider nostalgia funny car
John Gentry with both the Broken Arrow Racing Dragster and the Thunder nostalgia funny car

All of these guys took time out of their personal schedules to come hang out with us, and we can’t thank each of them enough for their support!

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The Charitable End Of The Custom Car Show

As everyone knows, we try to do a lot for charities each year. In the past, we have done things to help out the MS Foundation and also Operation Homefront, in 2013 and 2014, our charitable efforts benefit Make-a-Wish Foundation. Our largest item, the Wish Hauler will be given away in 2014. That 1949 Ford F-1 pickup is still currently in the build process and should be completed in late Spring of 2013, and then will tour to raise money before one lucky winner wins it in 2014. Well, in 2013, we once again held our Opening Night Charity Gala casino night for all our participants, vendors, sponsors, and media. We also had our 50/50 drawing. Our most popular charitable event is the Air Brush Battles. Let's recap each event...

The Opening Night Gala on Thursday, March 21st is always a hit with everyone who attends. It's closed to the general public, so it's night for those that attend to unwind after getting things set up for the weekend and have fun. For the third year in a row, we brought in a casino company with blackjack tables, roulette, craps, and even horse racing! Companies like Cheeburger/Cheeburger, Marjeane Caterers, and Texas Roadhouse were gracious enough to supply some food for everyone to enjoy. We had some great items that people could win from many different companies.

The Air Brush Battles, since it was implemented in 2011, has been a huge hit with both participants and spectators. In 2013, we brought in a whole new group of artists to go head to head in this fun and entertaining way to raise some money for charity, but also to feature their work. The basic premise of what the "battles" are, is that each artist has one hour to paint a panel or canvas (hoods were used before, but the panels and canvases are easier to transport) with some rock and roll music playing.

It's quite a spectacle to see all these great artists having some fun! Some of the great work that was done and auctioned off were SpongeBob, Spiderman, and Mike Wazowski (from Monsters Inc) for the "kid themed" sessions on Friday, March 22nd for Family Day. Then on Saturday and Sunday, the artists had a chance to do their own design where things like a rendering of Johnny Cash, skulls, evil clowns, and so much more were done. The artists we would like to send a sincere "Thank you" to are Brandon from CPR out of Ohio, Kevin from KRG Graphics in Media, Freddy from Killer Kreations in Philadelphia, and Fran from Paint Zoon in Philadelphia. If you have a need for any type of air brush work, we would strongly suggest that you check out one of these talented guys (you won't be disappointed). Make sure to look for them on their respective websites and/or Facebook. You might even see these guys out at a Full House Motorsports LLC event over the summer months!!

With these great events that took place, along with our annual 50/50 drawing, about 20+ drawings that were donated to be raffled off, and also some donations from car owners, clubs, and spectators, the show was able to generate $6800 that can be donated to Make-a-Wish Foundation!! We can't thank everyone who helped us raise so much great money for such a worthy charity!!

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A Thank You To Our 2013 Car Show Sponsors

As most anyone would know, a show of our magnitude takes a lot of support and dollars. Without this, any show would not be able to survive! Our show is no different, but we have some absolutely great companies that have been supporting us from day one and since the 2013 show is in the books, it's time for us to give them just a small amount of thanks for helping the show grow each year. We would ask those of you reading this, if you have a need for something, no matter how small, show each of these great sponsors that you are happy that they supported our show and patronize their business. Most of the companies that support the show are not major corporations, but rather smaller family owned and operated businesses.

Some of the larger sponsors for the show are ones that sponsored certain things such as our show classes and other events that were going on for the weekend. Our Show Class was sponsored by both Frank Jones Trophies and J&B Motorsports, our Street Class was sponsored fully by R&M Performance, our Motorcycle Class was sponsored by BRB Contractors and our Bicycle Class was sponsored by Total Comfort Solutions. Without these companies, we wouldn't have been able to hand out the great awards at the show. The newly added Women's World was sponsored by Collision Max who also brought Minerva to the show! The Bikini Contest was proudly sponsored by J&B Motorsports. Street Vizions was our proud sponsor for the Elite 6 in the Show Class. You can See A Complete List and Detailed Information on our Registration Page Here and in our Sponsors Page With descriptions and links to their websites and if available their Facebook Pages, please visit them, like and share!!

There are also some other great companies, no matter how big or small their sponsorship was, all of these companies are just as important to the show. Many of these companies have also been there since the beginning!

The great businesses are as follows also found in our Extensive Sponsors Page With descriptions and links to their websites and if available their Facebook Pages, please visit them, like and share!!: Rubright Racing Enterprises, Applebee's, ASR Street Machines, Boccella's Automotive, Brisbane Industrial Drives, Street Dreams Rod and Custom, Gillin Custom Design, Gary Betsy Restorations, BUX Customs, Blast from the Past Street Rods, Cavalcade of Cars, Centric Digital LLC, Del Auto Group, Everycarshow.com, Finish Master, Gliptone, goDragRacing.org, Greater Philadelphia Tattoo Company, Insurance Benefit Solutions, Lucky Lay's Speed Shop, RAM Industrial Services, Royal Purple, The Shop, Tom Oates Automotive, USA Auto Supply, Vanluvanees Hot Rods, Wicked Effects Car Club, Maple Grove Raceway, Classic Underwriters, Henry J Garage Classics, Colket Technical Services, Herr's, CarShowz.com, Green Mountain Monogram, CarShowNationals.com, JBS Entertainment, Glass Slipper Productions, and Bud Light.

If for some reason, I have forgotten to mention anyone that has supported the 2013 show, I do truly apologize.

We look forward to representing these companies over the course of the coming year and quite possible, next year!

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The 2013 NorthEast Custom Car Show Nationals Photo Galleries Now Available

Custom Car Show Photos

As with any show, photographers and novices take photos of the vehicles for those cool "Roddin" memories. Many of our fans took out the cameras and covered our show through the lens. There are so many different styles and types of how people and photographers look at a vehicle and then display in an image the result which is usually shared over the web or e-mailed to friends who also have a love for the bright and tastefully crafted machines. We have a "Teaser Gallery" to start everyone off with, and links to many main photo galleries on the net for fast viewing and sharing.

Our "Official Gallery" actually contains over 950 images from all aspects of the show down to the final awards as do many others. See All The 2013 Galleries Here

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New! Ride Along With Jimmy Bigg's and Brian Lutz Prior To The Shows Opening "Video"

See how much work is involved with setting up a huge carshow. FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and SUNDAY March 22-24


Jimmy Biggs TV on StreetFire Here

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Totally Driven TV "Chewin The Fat" Review And Photospread

Totally Driven TVEver since I was a small child of 2 - 3 years old, I remember my 2 loves and passions, The Philadelphia Eagles and Cars. I would have boxes of Hot Wheels, Matchboxes, and die cast cars everywhere while growing up. My biggest goal while growing up was to be 16 and start driving.

Then my whole life changed in the late 70's, when my older cousin took me to the Philadelphia Civic Center for their yearly display of the World of Wheels custom car show. The colorful paint jobs that were so shiny the cars looked like they were made of glass. Chrome wheels so bright that you needed sunglasses to look at them. The Engines bursting through the hoods of cars. Cars on mirrored displays, so you can see every inch of detail under the cars.

These cars where nothing like you would ever see driving down the road in average town, USA. These were cars that people spent years and tons of money to make every little bolt, screw, and nut be precision perfect. From that moment on, I waited patiently every year to go, to see the cars and just dream how I would make my car so it could be in the car show. Read The Complete Story With Hundreds Of Images Here

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Special Thanks To GSP Videos

Glass Slipper Video Photo SponsorDuring the show this past weekend, you may have noticed a film crew walking around shooting the cars, helping out Dennis Pittsenberger for his coverage, and so much more.

Well, that company was GSP Videos and were an invaluable part of the weekend. We already have all the raw footage that they shot during the course of the weekend and now Dennis will be using that footage for Rod Authority and other sites that he does reporting for, but we will also be using that footage for the website and for future advertising.

If you have a need for any type of video footage or even photography of any sort, make sure to check this great local company out at www.gspvideos.com

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Elite 6: A Look At The Northeast Rod & Custom Show's Finest

The 3rd annual Northeast Rod & Custom Nationals, a three-day beauty parade of hot rods, took place once again at the Philadelphia Expo. The show has more than 300 of the finest vehicles on display and wrapped up this weekend when the Northeast Cup was awarded to one of the Elite-6 picks that you see here.

www.rodauthority.com event-coverage

In 2011 Full House Motorsports owner Brian and Jean Lutz decided to take a leap of faith. Their team made up of both friends and family started a show to bring together both local and regional builders and car nuts alike in the hopes of becoming the best show of its kind on the east coast. In three short years it has gained national status as one of the premiere hot rod events in the country and they are now enjoying the fruits of their labor - almost as much as we are!

www.rodauthority.com event-coverage

In true Rod Authority fashion, we were there LIVE to capture the ELITE 6 and bring them to you first: Read The Complete Elite 6 Coverage At The Rod Authourity Here

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One Of Many Follow-Ups To The 2013 Custom Car Show

Well, we put a stamp on the 2013 just 2 days ago (as of this writing) and what a year it was!! Well over a dozen states were represented at the show with quite an assortment of vehicles. The crowds were great all weekend as well.

To start my long list of follow-ups to the show, I'm going to start by thanking all of the wonderful team members of Full House Motorsports LLC. Without these great people, pounding the pavement and getting what needed to be done when it needed to be done, the show would honestly fall apart! Most everyone knows who I am since I am the guy on the microphone, but there are those that don't get the "spotlight" that they truly deserve.

People like my wife Jean, Lonny Hamilton, and Bill Salter. These 3 great people are the true backbone of not only this show, but every show that we host throughout the year. Even my son Cody is out there doing his thing! Then on top of it, all the great people that volunteer their time to keep this show going! People like John M., Kelly M., Ken F., John, Allyson K., Ken H., Deb G., Dan S., Daniel L., Missy M., Jimmy D., Scott G., and many, many others!! For those that I didn't mention by name, I truly apologize, you are not forgotten in what you do for us and the show!

Then add in the team at Wicked Effects Car Club. This year, they really knew what to expect and had everything organized very well that allowed the Full House Motorsports crew do what they needed. This crew of men and women were an invaluable part of the 2013 show.

As I am able to do my recaps of the show, I will be thanking and listing all of our GREAT sponsors and vendors that were a part of the 2013 show. We also have a floodgate amount of galleries and images that we will be putting together so those that were unable to make it to the show can see.

Lastly, for this first recap, I'm sure that I can speak for the entire Full House Motorsports LLC team when I say that we can't thank each and every vehicle owner, vendor, sponsors, celebrity, and more so the spectators for making the 2013 show even better than the prior 2 years!!

Stay tuned for more recaps!!

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Our Final Update Before We Open The Doors!!

Northeast Custom Car Show Opening Day Well, it's been one year since the 2012 show took place and the 2013 show is just days away (as of this writing). There are so many people that help make this show possible, that we honestly can't thank them all!! From all the great sponsors, the vehicle owners, our friends who support the show, and of course, all the spectators that attend the show. The other people that I personally can't thank enough is the team at Full House Motorsports LLC. Jean, Lonny, Bill, and Cody are invaluable in making this show possible. Many people know who I am because I'm the one who's on the microphone, but it's these people that are behind the scenes making things happen.

Anyway, we've really set the car show circuit on fire in just the last few years. We've been very thankful of all the great compliments and the great new friendships that we have all made. Now it's time for the 2013 show to open its doors and keep that bar raised high as we have done the last couple of years. If you haven't noticed, there's quite a bit more going on at the show this year. Make sure you visit the Event Information page and print the Event Schedule and also your coupon!!

We will have many follow ups and galleries after the show is completed.

We also hope to see all our friends this weekend!!

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Alternative Chrome's Polishing of The NorthEast Cup 2013 !!

Designed by Rob Ida, the NorthEast Cup is an amazing piece of artwork in itself but the shine is what is part of the appeal, Alternative Chrome takes the chore of using complex methods of enviro-friendly "chrome" finishing" to produce a luster that is worthy of this Top Car Show Award. See Bob below working his magic on this piece of history for the winner of the show.

Alternative Chrome

Alternative ChromeAlternative Chrome has been involved in the metal finishing field for nearly 20 years. The majority of what Alternative Chrome learned was passed down from the "old guys" of the industry.

Fueled by a love of restoration, Alternative Chrome earned a reputation as a trustworthy craftsman and acquired clients from all over the county. Alternative Chrome became skilled in everything from basic polish and lacquering to extensive restorations (including complete lamp and lighting to total restorations of brass and iron beds) involving plating parts in nickel, gold, copper and chrome.

Alternative ChromeAfter many calls regarding plating on non-metallic surfaces, Alternative Chrome took the initiative to research techniques to fulfill these requests. Knowing the tight restrictions the government keeps on conventional plating, Alternative Chrome was happy to find what I believe to be the future of enviro-friendly "chrome" finishing. It's a system that allows Alternative Chrome to apply plated finishes to nearly ANY sub straight without the use of chromium, acid, or cyanide.

Through this; Alternative Chrome was born, and the rest is the future...

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Hot Rod Portraits "Elite 6" Gift Certificate Photoshoot Award !!

Hot Rod Portraits

We are pleased to announce that Hot Rod Portraits, the East Coast's premier automotive photography studio, will be awarding each of the "Elite 6" show car winners a gift certificate for a 4-hour photo shoot (valued at $1,000). HRP has even cleared their studio schedule for Monday, March 25th for anyone who wants to stay over and get it done right away. Hot Rod Portraits is located in Lancaster, PA, about an hour west of the Oaks Convention Center. If you haven't seen their work yet, you can check it out at www.hotrodportraits.com or at Facebook. Dan and Steve from HRP will be at the show the entire weekend displaying their work along side the Frantic Ford - so make sure and go check them out!

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We would like to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR about RUMORS

We would like to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR about RUMORS:

Dave Tucci and Rob Ida are NOT Judges for the CAR SHOW, only their picks for their own awards. Both Rob Ida and Dave Tucci have their own "Special Awards" they will be picking cars for, the Tucci Hot Rods Top Ten and Ida Automotive Top Five. These awards are based solely upon what they may like at the show, and are not “judged” awards.

Please do not be misinformed by rumors, our judging for all classes is done by "non related" specialists.

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Just 2 Weeks To Go!!: Opening Day Is Arriving SOON !!

Yes, I admit it, I've been slacking just a bit with updates on the show, but there is a reason. We've been so busy getting the show ready this year that I honestly haven't had a tremendous amount of time. We've been all over the east coast talking to car owners to see about bringing their cars to the show for all of you, our spectators, to see!! We can tell you that there will be a little bit of everything this year!!!

All car owners that have been excepted in to the show have received their "packets" already, but we've been able to squeeze a little more room out, so that mean more cars can register and vendors can still sign up, but there isn't much time!!

Our webmaster has received the weekend's Schedule of Events and that should be going up on the website in the very near future so everyone knows what is going on for the weekend!! This year, there is a lot MORE going on, so make sure you check it out.

Our advertising campaign will be starting this coming week. We've got commercials running on many local radio stations and also quite a few TV and Cable stations, so keep an eye out and an ear open for our ads.

In excess of 10,000 "Money Saving Coupons" are circulating the region, however, you can print them from the website too!! We hope to see everyone out at the Expo Center in just 2 weeks to see approx. 300 vehicles and more from over a dozen states!!!

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2013 Custom Car Show Event Schedule NOW AVAILABLE !!:

Download the new 2013 Custom Car Show Event Schedule in a PDF format today !! And get ready for the Northeast's most popular event to take place again for 2013 !! PDF DOWNLOAD HERE

Custom Car Show Event Schedule

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Welcome Bud Light "Official Beer Car Show Sponsor"

We welcome "Bud Light" the "Official Beer" of the Northeast Custom Car Show Sponsor, on hand all weekend with beer tastings scheduled. Please stop by and have a Bud !!

Bud Light Official Beer of the Northeast Custom Car Show Sponsor

It's the sure sign of a good time. The just-right taste of Bud Light. Here We Go. Enjoy Responsibly

Bud Light is brewed using a blend of premium aroma hop varieties, both American-grown and imported, and a combination of barley malts and rice. Its superior drinkability and refreshing flavor makes it the world’s favorite light beer

Visit Bud Light Website Here
Bud Light Facebook

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goDragRacing.org To Sponsor "Best In Show"

goDragRacing.orgAs everyone knows who attends any car show across the country, either indoors or outdoors, the top award is always the Best in Show award. Well, with the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals, each of their classes has a Best in Show award. In the Show Class, there is no other award, other than the Elite 6 and the NorthEast Cup, that is better to receive than Best in Show.

Well, goDragRacing.org would like to announce its new sponsorship of the "Best in Show" award in the Show Class at the 2013 NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals. Personally, I had the opportunity to review the sponsorship proposal from Full House Motorsports LLC and they guided me to my best option of sponsorship level that fit both my needs and wants. I have long been a supporter of the show, but now I can say that I am officially a sponsor!!

Having been a supporter for many years, I am now proud to be a part of this show in a much bigger way in 2013. The "corporate" car shows that you see happen throughout the country, be it a custom car show or those featuring all the new models of cars that come out each year, really have no effect on me as either a business or as a person. Quite the opposite pertains to the show that takes place each March in Oaks, PA. This show on March 22, 23, 24 is much more in my league of what "excites" me featuring some great local and national hot rods, custom cars, motorcycles and even bicycles! I feel I "fit" right in to this venue and I truly hope that all of my friends will support my efforts by attending.

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There's Still Time To Register... The Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show Nationals

That's right, with 230,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space, the show's capacity is over 300 vehicles, and there's still room!! We will take vehicles right up until we are full (which we are not quite yet). The car coral is also rolling along with cars registering for that portion of the show!

Our only suggestion is to visit the Registration Page, print the correct form, and get it in ASAP.

We will also be doing some additional updates in the coming week in regards to everything that is going on with the show, so stay tuned.

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Triple Crown Award, Last Show March 22nd-24th At The Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show Nationals

Triple Crown AwardIn 2012, the Mid Atlantic Triple Crown Award debuted, and in 2013, it will return, although with some changes. Motorama Events and the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals have teamed up to continue the Mid Atlantic Triple Crown Award. There had to be some changes made from last year because this year, there are only two shows sponsoring the Triple Crown. Thanks to some creative thinking, we're going to make it work!!

Download The Full Printable PDDF Here

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Just 6 Weeks To Go!!

It's getting closer everyone!! If you've been following us here and on Facebook, you've no doubt seen quite a few things going on with the show with new sponsors being added, new celebrities being added, and so much more!!

For vehicle owners - There is still a few weeks left to register for the show, but time and space are both running out. For those that have already registered, we thank you, and if you have received your packet of information, that means you are IN THE SHOW!!

For businesses - Again, there is still time to register. We also have some great sponsorship levels still open.

For our spectators - We will be uploading a $2 off coupon to the website in the near future. We are also working on out Schedule of Events for the weekend of the show, so stay tuned for that.

We are looking at 2013 to be a banner year for the show in both spectator attendance, and also with the show floor. We have already surpassed 2012's record of 48 vehicles in 20x20 spots, and we still have room for more!! New advertising campaigns will begin approximately 2 weeks before the show to spread the word!! We've also got some surprises in store for the show that we can't share either!! Over 15 states plus Canada are already being represented at the show, you DON'T want to miss it!!

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New for 2013... Want To Sell Your Car?

Custom Cars Corral Registration Form A new feature that we are adding to this year's show is a Car Corral. Are you looking to sell and market your vehicle to the public for a very reasonable cost? Do you have a classic car or motorcycle? How about your hot rod (new or old)?

The 2013 NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals Marketplace would be a great way to attract potential buyers of your Custom Car, Classic, Musclecar, Street Rod, Race Car or Exotic Street Machine. Read More Here as you Head On Over To Our Registration And Grab An Entry Form

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Deadlines for the 2013 Custom Car Show

As we draw within 2 months until the show opens, we just wanted to cover a few things regarding deadlines and such for registering for the show.

An absolute deadline for registering a vehicle for one of our classes (Show, Street, Motorcycle, or Bicycle) is March 8th. However, we would suggest getting your paperwork in prior to this date as history has shown that the show sells out weeks before. Is there still time, yes, the show is NOT sold out as of January 22nd, but well over 100 vehicles have already been accepted in to the show.

Deadline for registering a business for a Vendor Spot is also March 8th, however, there are less spots for vendors as compared to vehicle spots. If you plan to showcase your business, please do so ASAP.

Remember, in order to secure a spot in the show, it is always suggested to get your paperwork in ASAP!!

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Just About 2 Months And Counting!!

Well, the countdown is really getting exciting!! There has been so much going on with the website, it's hard to keep up!! We hope that everyone likes the new navigation system that has been installed. We are always trying to make things better, and this was just one small thing to ease getting around the website.

Many great new and returning sponsors have been added to the website, so make sure you check them out and show your support to each of these great companies! We've also started to tease some of the cars that you will see at the show this year in our Attending Rides Gallery. Granted, as in year's past, we won't share any of the Show Class vehicles, so you will just have to attend the show to see all the great vehicles that will be on display from over 12 states!!

There is still time to register a vehicle, but as the show draws closer, time is running out. An absolute deadline for registration is March 8th, but we would suggest getting your paperwork in sooner as we travel across many different states looking for great cars to attend the show.

There are also some great sponsorship levels still open that can fit in to any company's budget. Some great marketing tools are available to any company that would like to join the show.

Vendors - time is now to get your product and / or services registered to display at the show. With an unprecedented marketing campaign coming up, it's a great time to put your business in front of thousands of potential buyers!

We've also got some great things we are working on for the show. These things are new additions or sponsors that will only enhance the 2013 show, so stay tuned. The weekend schedule and coupons will be released toward the end of February as well.

For now, stay tuned to the Website and to Facebook to keep up to date with what is going on with the show, and we will see you in just a couple of short months!!

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Big Custom Car Show !! Big Happenings NOW !!

News of the Northeast Custom Car Show Nationals has been exploding across the internet, print and media as it's just a little over two months away. Our website is going over major updates with news coming almost on a daily basis. Follow along with us as we gain the final momentum into the few weeks left before doors open again to the Finest Indoor Rod & Custom Car Show Nationals At The Oaks Convention Center: Oaks, PA. We have begun giving you a taste of some cars already Registered and coming to the show in the Attending Rides Gallery we'll be updating as show time comes near; yes we're keeping most of them quiet. We can tell you that the Northeast Car Show Nationals Elite 6 | Northeast Cup Competition Finalists will have their hands full in their competition. Most Recent Updates: Make Sure You Check Out Our Brand New Updated MEGA Menu !! Pro Mod Alley Is Returning for 2013, as we iron out the latest additions.

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Killer Kreations Inc | Art Studio Custom Car Show Nationals
Air Brush Competition Participant

Killer Kreations Airbrush Art Studio Philadelphia Car Show Airbrush CompetitionKiller Kreations Inc will be at the NorthEast Custom Car Show Nationals to challenge other Air Brush Artists, part of a continuing series each year. Exceptional artists with talents racing from airbrushing to pinstriping will be displaying their talents in a competition setting. Come and Watch Killer Kreations Freddy Sicoli a self-taught artist from Philadelphia at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center on March 22-24, 2013.

He is most famous for his killer automotive designs, many which have been featured in and on the covers of automotive and art magazines around the world. Freddy designed, painted, and built two motorcycles for DJ Pauly D of the Jersey Shore. Pauly's first bike by Freddy was the first DUB Edition bike and the first bike to ever appear on the cover of DUB Magazine. Freddy has also done work for other celebrities as well including Meek Mill, Kat Von D, Bam Margera, and Danny Bonaduce. He also painted a tow truck for the reality TV series Lizard Lick Towing. Recently, he and his work made a few appearances on season 2 of The DUB Magazine Project. Read More Here And See More Of Their Work On Killer Kreations Dedicated Page !!

The 2013 Northeast Custom Car Show Nationals Airbrush Challenge Page HERE

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Get To Know This Name "Street Vizions" By Derek White And The Elite 6

Street Vizions Custom Car BuildersStreet Vizions of Pottstown, PA has always been a big friend of the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals. Each year, they have supported the show by sponsoring and also bringing some of the great cars that they build. 2013 is no different!! This talented group of people headed by Derek White, have been building some great rides for many years. Many of these cars are either show winners, magazine cars, or both! However, for 2013, their involvement with the show will forever etch their name in to every person's mind who attends the show. Now, you may be wondering how and / or why, well, read on...

The top awards package at the show has always been the NorthEast Cup and the Elite 6. This awards package is built to recognize the top 6 cars in the Show Class that attend the show. This package has very special awards that go to each car owner that wins along with their cash prizes. Well, the NorthEast Cup is presented by Full House Motorsports LLC, but in 2013, the Elite 6 will now be presented by Street Vizions. Each award will be emblazoned with "Elite 6 presented by Street Vizions"!!

We are very proud to announce this partnership between the team at Full House Motorsports LLC (the producers of the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals) and the entire family at Street Vizions. While you are at the show this year, make sure to stop by and see what cars they bring this year and thank them for their support of the show.

Check them out on Facebook or on their website at www.streetvizions.com

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NorthEast Rod And Custom Car Show Nationals Just Weeks Away!!

Custom Car Show T ShirtsIt's hard to believe that the 2013 show is just 11 weeks away (as of this writing). We have been able to see that people are getting really excited by the number of vendor and vehicle applications that have been coming in. Our phones and email inbox has also seen an influx of questions. The biggest question? "Is there still room?". Answer, yes. We will only cut off registration when the show is 100% full, and we will make that announcement both here on the website and on our Facebook page, so until that is done, there is still time to register!

We've been hard at work bringing new sponsors to the show this year, and we are also working on some more exciting things to add to the show (as if that was possible!). The All NEW Women's World is shaping up very nicely for the ladies that come to spectate, and the Miss NorthEast Nationals Bikini Contest is really starting to take shape (no pun intended).

Also, we released the design of the official event tee shirt as designed by Green Mountain Monogram. This year's design is probably the best looking yet!! Make sure to stop by their booth at the show to pick one up!! We can tell you, in year's past, they have sold out very quickly!

Well, for now, check out all the new updates on the website and keep track of what's going on. We will keep everyone up to date as much as possible!!

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

As 2012 Comes To An End

Happy Hot Rod New Year 2013It's hard to believe that 2012 is coming to an end!

For the economy and many other things, 2013 hopes to be better for many people. For the show, 2012 made many strides in setting a standard and 2013 looks to up that just a notch! We've got many great companies returning as either sponsors or vendors, or both! But, we've got a great new batch of companies joining the show as sponsors.

As many of you who read our posts can imagine, it takes a tremendous amount of work to put on this show each year. One of the great things about doing the show is hearing from so many businesses about the amount of sales and / or work that they get from the show each year. The other is from everyone else about how much they enjoyed the show either as a spectator or as a participant.

While there are some other indoor shows taking place the same weekend as us in 2013, we can tell you it has not affected our entries! We've got a whole new crop of cars that are signing up for the Show Class to be known as the Elite 6, the Street Class is also shaping up with some great new builds, the Motorcycle Class is bringing in some top level bikes once again, and the NEW Bicycle Class is also shaping up to be really spectacular. All Car Show Classes, Information And Registrations Can Be Found Here

As we usher in 2013, we can tell you that the staff at Full House Motorsports LLC is hard at work to bring you another quality show.

Don't forget to look through the website to find everything that you need.

As we draw closer to opening the show on March 22nd, we will release a full schedule so that you know what is going on each day.

We look forward to seeing everyone in 2013! Happy Holiday's!

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

Hot Rod Portraits Holiday Time Is Here!!

Hot Rod PortraitsAre you looking for something special to give that loved one in the family that is just car crazy? Why not give them some tickets to the show?

PLUS, Dan at Hot Rod Portraits has offered to add to that special gift. A gift certificate for a professional photo shoot at Hot Rod Portraits! Wow!!!

For tickets to the show, just shoot an email to show-car@comcast.net, and if you would like to combine the tickets with a photo shoot, just contact Dan at Hot Rod Portraits on his Hot Rod Portraits Facebook Page And Visit His Custom Website www.hotrodportraits.com

Hot Rod Portraits Mission:
At Hot Rod Portraits our mission is to photograph our clients dream vehicles and immortalize them forever in print and online for all to see.

Using top of the line digital cameras, equipment and methods in a studio that is purpose built for photographing automobiles allows us to deliver the amazing quality that sets us apart from any other company.

After seeing your finished images you will no doubt want prints, posters, calendars, collector books, collages, fantasy features, show boards, or other cool things Hot Rod Portraits offers. Your images will be prepared in a web gallery so you can show anyone in the world your pride and joy. You may also want archival quality inkjet prints to hand out or display in your office or garage. The calendars and collector books make amazing surprise gifts and of course we sell gift certificates.

Hot Rod Portraits is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and welcomes any hot rodders and/or bikers attending regional events to call or stop by for a tour of our facility. We are excited about our work and would love the opportunity to show you what and how we do what we do.

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

Winter Is Here!! Are You Ready To Show It Off!!

That's right folks, the winter season is here! Many of us have already had to break out the shovels and salt recently, while others haven't had to quite yet. What does that mean? Well, it means that there is salt on the ground and many cars are put away for the winter hibernation…unless of course you plan on doing some upgrades or hitting an indoor show! If the latter is your choice, we might just see you out and about somewhere!

We've hit the ground running this year, with our first stop in Timonium, MD the weekend of December 1st and 2nd. We can say, there were a lot of familiar faces down there this year, but there were also some great cars that we've never seen before. We also ran in to quite a few cars that we have already invited to the show over the course of the last year, so it was great to catch up with all of them as well.

Now that the calendar pages have changed to the last month of the year, that means that our schedule will really start to "ramp up". Over the course of the next 2 months, as in the past 2 years, many of our vehicle applications start to arrive. What does that mean for everyone that is still "thinking" about attending the show? It means to stop thinking about it and just send in your application!! Our travels will take us to over 6 states in the coming months to visit other shows and invite cars.

The other thing we will mention… There are quite a few shows that are taking place the same weekend as us (there is one in NY, Canada, and Massachusetts), so that gives car owners quite a few choices to show off their vehicles. What WE can tell you is this…There isn't one of these shows that offers FREE parking all weekend (for trailers as well), there isn't one that can entertain you like we can (Women's World, Air Brush Battle, Bikini Contest, Kid's entertainment, etc.), there isn't one that offers smooth entry and exit, and there isn't one that treats you like you're family. While we understand that these are pretty bold statements, but some of these things come from past participants!!

Registration is open, and it is starting to heat up, so we wouldn't suggest in delaying getting your vehicle or business registered. If you're reading this and have any questions about the show, just shoot us an email at NEcarshow@comcast.net or call at 215-896-2923. We hope to see you in 2013!!

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Custom Hot Rod Christmas Cards Ready To Print FREE Courtesy of Northeast Custom Car Show:

By www.goDragRacing.org

Custom Hot Rod Christmas Cards Ready To PrintCustom Hot Rod Christmas Cards Ready To Print

Download a set of the goDragRacing.org Drag Racing / Custom Hot Rod Christmas Cards in Print ready 5X7 size. A nice way to personalize a Christmas Card to thank your sponsors, send something out of the ordinary to a friend that shows you are a hot rod fanatic.

Cards come in two sets, One Set with A "Merry Christmas Greeting" and another set "Without A Greeting". Feel Free to add your own text to the "Non-Greeting" cards in any simple photo program that has text capabilities. Send them as Photo Cards to friends over the internet or in print. All Images are from goDragRacing.org and only ask you do not remove the watermark which is very small.

Files are zipped up for fast download, 100% virus free:

Custom Hot Rod Christmas Cards Set One With Greeting:
Click The Link Below and Choose "SAVE" Download will begin.
Custom Hot Rod Christmas Cards Set One With Greeting

Custom Hot Rod Christmas Cards Set Two Without Greeting:
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Custom Hot Rod Christmas Cards Set Two Without Greeting

Sincerely goDragRacing Mark

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You Are Invited To Participate In The NorthEast's Finest Indoor Custom Car Show March 22-24 2013

It's no question now that the Inaugural NorthEast Rod & Custom Car Show has been the most esteemed "opening events" in the car show world of fine vehicles of all types. The second annual year was even more compelling for people to revisit the Oaks Convention Center for more of this famed show. The third annual year is going to be improved (as if it actually could be) to give the consistent nobility of the national level car shows that Full House Motorsports LLC merits now as "The Car Show Specialists" in their "second to none approach". The Northeast Custom Car Show Nationals has provided the best vehicles, outstanding awards only found here and an established following.

The time is now to partake as an event sponsor!! No other website or Indoor Car Show extends more value per dollar to their sponsors in way of multiple placing's on the website now ranked Number One on Google under "Custom Car Shows" which to a sponsor is magic. The event is highly regarded by those who have become event sponsors and vendors as a giant source of new and returning business. This is promotion at its best at a time when making the most of your dollars is a major consideration. Imagine your companies name listed as the Main Sponsor or Supporting Sponsor in high ranking Google searches; We'll make that happen. (Main and Supporting)

Contact us now for sponsorships and our new Sponsors Package that are quickly being acquired well ahead of our schedule and get your place in the Northeast's Finest Car Show Nationals.

by email: NEcarshow@comcast.net

by US snail mail: Full House Motorsports, LLC
PO Box 72
Lansdale, Pa 19446
By phone: 215-896-2923

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2013 Triple Crown Award is BACK!!

2013 Triple Crown Car Show AwardIn 2012, the Mid Atlantic Triple Crown Award debuted, and in 2013, it will return, although with some changes. Motorama Events and the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals have teamed up to continue the Mid Atlantic Triple Crown Award. There had to be some changes made from last year because this year, there are only two shows sponsoring the Triple Crown. Thanks to some creative thinking, we're going to make it work!! We will once again be the finale for the awards package, and things will once again start on December 1st and 2nd in Maryland, with the middle show being the Motorama Events in Harrisburg, PA, but....

In 2013, only the promoters from Motorama and the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals will be making their "picks" from the vehicles that attend each of the three shows. The December show will be the "kick off" of the program, although they will not be part of the program for 2013. For this season, the rules will be as follows:

In order to be eligible, each vehicle and owner must attend each of the three shows with the same vehicle. If you are at the show the weekend of Dec 1st & 2nd, this will be your first show counted toward the Triple Crown, the second show you would have to attend would be Motorama Events Feb 16th & 17th, the third show would be North East Rod and Custom Nationals Mar 22, 23, 24 2013. This is the way it will work:

If you would attend all three shows and now you're at the North East Rod and Custom Nationals, each producer will have a pick (last year two of the producers picked five cars each and the winners(the winner is based upon an individual non judged pick, very similar to a Promoter's Pick award) were decided from those ten picks ) THIS YEAR, THE THIRD PICK WILL BE DECIDED BY THE SPECATORS VOTES. Each Spectator entering the show will be give a ballot with a list of eligible vehicles so they know who they can vote for, votes will be tallied and the third person picked. Each of the Winners will receive $300.00 dollars CASH, A beautiful jacket with the Triple Crown logo on it, (will have to be ordered after the show), and a Plaque.

Should you have any questions on anything specific relating to each show or the awards package, please feel free to contact the respective promoter. Please READ very carefully so you understand how it works. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact either Brian Lutz of North East Rod and Custom Nationals at 1-215-896-2923 or Dan Swisher of Motorama Events at 1-717-865-2085 or contact us via e-mail, info is also on our fliers.

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New Awards Package Announced!! "East Coast Pro Streets Top 4"

East Coast Pro StreetsThe staff at Full House Motorsports LLC, promoters of the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals is proud to announce a partnership with East Coast Pro Streets out of Maryland for a spectacular NEW awards package that will debut at the show on March 22-24, 2013. This new package will be known as the Super Street 4.

Specifically designed for the Street Class car owners in attendance at the show, this package will reward the Top 4 cars in the Street Class (excluding the Best in Show winner) as being the best at the show. Each car owner will receive a custom embroidered winner's jacket, a specially designed award, and a $100 cash award!

With this package, there are no rules (such is the case with the Show Class and the Elite 6). Each car that is registered for the Street Class is eligible!! We are proud to partner with some of the great car clubs in the region, and this is just another example of the dedication of car lovers.

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

Reminder... Car Show Registration is OPEN!!

We would just like to remind everyone that registration for ALL vehicles that would like to attend the 2013 show is open. It has been open for a bit, but now is the time to start thinking about your winter show season.

There are plenty of great shows going on throughout the region, and the season winds down with our show. Even though the entry guidelines state that all vehicles must submit applications a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the show, the last 2 years, the show has sold out no less than 4 weeks before the show opened. What does that mean for you?

Well, we highly suggest getting that paperwork in ASAP to ensure that you won't be left out to show off your pride and joy. Currently, there are already 6 states plus Canada being represented at the show, and in 2012, there were 15 states represented!! That's HUGE!!

Visit the "Registration Forms" page on the website and download the appropriate form for the class that you would like to register for!! We look forward to you participating in the 2013 show!!!

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

Host Car Club Announced "Wicked Effects Car Club"

Wicked Effects Car ClubOnce again, we've tapped on the shoulders of the guys from Wicked Effects Car Club to be the host car club for the 2013 show. This bunch of car lovers did a wonderful job in making the 2012 show run so smoothly.

Make sure to keep an eye out for their brightly colored orange shirts at the show and support everything that they do! We couldn't have such a smooth running show without them!

Show your support and check them out online at www.wickedeffectscarclub.com and on Wicked Effects Car Club on Facebook

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

Street Class Sponsor Named!! "R & M Performance Classic Car Restoration"

R & M Performance Classic Car RestorationOver the last couple of years, there have been many great companies that have consistently supported the show by becoming a sponsor, and 2013 is no different!

In 2012, one of those companies, R&M Performance, sponsored the Top 75 in the Street Class, and in 2013, they decided to sponsor the ENTIRE Street Class!!

A special thanks goes out to R&M Performance from Cambridge, MD for supporting the show as they do each and every year! Look for their builds on display at the show along with their interactive vendor booth!!

Show your support and check them out online at www.randmperformance.com and on R & M Performance Classic Car Restoration on Facebook

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SEMA and the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals

Well, our annual trip to the SEMA show in Las Vegas was again a fruitful one. We were able to get together with many of the great friends that we have made over the years to talk about the show. That, in turn, translates to support of the show from the companies that they work for. We will be following up with them and all of the other contacts that we made for the show over the upcoming weeks.

We were also able to get together with many of the great builders that we know to chat about their plans on attending the show. We can tell you, some of these rides will just blow you away!! We also got together with one great builder that will be joining the show as a sponsor and also handing out some great custom made awards at the show (stay tuned for details on this).

Let's talk about the media! We sat down with Dennis Pittsenberger from Hot Rod Magazine LIVE, and he says he will NOT miss his annual trip to the Philadelphia region! He will once again be doing interviews all weekend from the show for broadcast on his national radio show. Then was our visit over to Source Interlink to visit all our friends. What we can tell you from this meeting...well, nothing! Unfortunately, we need to keep what was discussed under wraps for the time being!

All in all, SEMA is a great event for us. We are able to get many more companies involved in the show either on a sponsor level or as a vendor. What that means to all of you...More great products for you to see in person for you weekend cruiser! Then bringing some of the unbelievable builds that appear on the show floor!

Keep in mind, there is less than 5 months to go until the show opens!! Get that paperwork in before it's too late!!

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

All We Can Say Is... "WOW"!!!, Custom Car Show News

What a month we have been having! Visiting some of the great shows in the area and doing some invites of some really great cars has really been great for us. It's great when we visit a show and invites cars and see their excitement that they've been invited cause that makes us feel great!!

What we will say to all those that think their car isn't quality enough for the show... "You're wrong"!! The show is mostly made up of the Street Class, that's the cars that are driven on occasion. While we do get some of the best Show Class cars, the "core" is made up of the Street Class and the Motorcycle Class. Then, top it off with the Bicycle Class, and you've got a KILLER show!! We've even heard about some Street Class cars that are trying to get done in time for the show. We are even hearing about bikes being built specifically for our show in the Bicycle Class!!

As we visit many of these great area shows, we keep running in to some of the great vendors that join us each year. Look for many of them to return, and some new ones, but many of our returning vendors are now stepping up to become sponsors! Speaking of sponsors, look for announcements in the near future about some new and returning companies that will be joining the show in 2013.

Speaking of 2013, have you seen our Google results in the search engines? If you search the terms "custom car show" or "custom car shows", we rank in the Top 3, if not at number one!! That"s incredible! We've been able to take a higher ranking than the Autorama shows, car show listing sites, and others. Look for our ads in many great publications in the coming months too!! Places like Show & Cruise News, Cruisin Times Magazine, and others. Some of these great publications also have write ups reviewing the 2012 show!

Some of the areas still creating a buzz about the show this year are the newest additions to the show. Our Women's World will surely have something for all the ladies in attendance. The 1st Annual Miss NorthEast Nationals Bikini Contest! is really coming together for Saturday night. Our version of a classy bikini contest will be a highlight. Then the Kid's Zone will put a lot of smiles on the littlest spectators. BUT, we are always adding new things, so stay tuned!! Last, but certainly not least... If you plan to register, get that paperwork in soon!!

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

Some Fall Season Car Show News

Well, Fall has officially arrived, as you can tell by the decline of the temperatures. As the cooler temps roll in, it's time to really lay out a plan for your winter shows. We hope that your plans include the 3rd Annual NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals!!


Speaking of our 3rd year, we would like to (hopefully) put to rest some rumors that we have heard that are spreading around. The show WILL be happening!! We don't know where this rumor of the show not happening started or who started it, but we can tell that it's getting a bit annoying. How can we hand out over 40,000 flyers, invite many cars, add things to the show like the 1st Annual Miss NorthEast Nationals Bikini Contest! and a new class for Bicycles, and not have a show?? We've already got some great cars registering, great companies taking vendor spots, and more great companies becoming sponsors!! 2013 will mark another banner year for the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals!!

Now, back to plans for 2013…We would like to remind everyone that the demand this year is at a fever pitch for space. We've already received applications for ISCA competing cars within the Show Class, as well as some really cool Street Class cars, so get those registrations in!

As you make your plans for the 2013 show, we would like to let everyone know about a really great company that can enhance your car, both at our show and at any outdoor show that you do... Strong Keepsake Images. Jeff Strong makes some beautiful show boards that can let everyone know about the details on your vehicle.

Speaking of plans, did you notice some of the great rates that our local hotels have given us this year in our Car Show Hotels And Lodging Book Online Page, Recently Updated? Our Host Hotel will once again be the Embassy Suites Valley Forge, but we've got some other great rates from 4 more hotels!!

There's just under 6 months to go until the show opens to the public! Stay tuned for many more announcements as things draw closer!!!

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What Many Said Couldn't Be Done! Philly Car Shows Alive And Well

The Full House Motorsports LLC team has been told, or at least heard, over the past few years that an indoor show in the Philly region couldn't be done successfully. Some said we got lucky in our first year with the quality of cars. Well, to all those naysayers... We're in our 3rd year!!!! And the 3rd year is looking to shape up just like the prior two! We honestly are having trouble just keeping up with all the interest that the show is generating for 2013 from vehicle owners, vendors, and potential sponsors! There is a long list of brand new vehicles, never before shown in the Philly area, that are just lining up for this year to be seen. Then, add to all those great vehicles, the implementation of a new class for Bicycles! We can tell you, some of these two wheeled machines are incredible!! The craftsmanship that goes in to some of these bikes is unreal. See how to register here "Registration Forms"

Additional happenings that are new for 2013 is a very long list.. We've got the brand new Women's World for the ladies. While the men salivate at the brightly polished vehicles on display, the ladies can walk thru Women's World see some great items just for them. Then we've got the Kid's Playzone, the Tjin Edition RoadShow, the Excalibur nostalgia funny car, and probably our most talked about edition to the show, the 1st Annual Miss NorthEast Nationals Bikini Contest! The ladies competing in the bikini contest are vying for over $750 in cash and awards!!! And let's not forget that we are always working on bringing more to the show!! We can tell you that there will be another jet car from the Hanna Motorsports camp, we will be adding in another awards package to the Street Class that will be sponsored by some good friends of the show, and we are working on bringing in some additional special display vehicles for everyone to see. Read More About Attending Car Show Celebrities Here

For all the vehicle owners out there, we would suggest getting "Registration Forms"REGISTRATION paperwork in sooner rather than later. The same goes for companies looking for a "Vendors Registration" spot. Each year, the demand creeps higher for floor space, and in 2013, that demand is at a fever pitch!! We've exceeded each of the prior 2 years in our work load. We've been visiting some great events across the eastern seaboard, and our reach has even gotten further thanks to the many friends we have made. Our hard work is paying off though with great quality vehicles that will attend in 2013.

Everyone asks, "How can we top the prior 2 years"? Well, we'll leave that up to you to see if we've accomplished that.

Stay tuned.....

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

7 Months And Counting Until The Grand Opening Northeast Custom Car Show

It’s hard to believe that the show will open for its 3rd year in just under 7 months!! We've got so much new stuff going on this year, it's incredible!! We've announced the implementation of the 1st Annual Miss NorthEast Nationals bikini contest, the addition of the Ida Automotive Top 10, and we are working on announcing some great new and returning sponsors of the show!

Our Women's World area of the show is also coming together nicely. For the kids, we have some great things happening as well. On the car end of things, we have some great "display only" vehicles once again, but the real buzz is who is planning to make a run at the Elite 6 and the coveted NorthEast Cup.

We've been out and about inviting some great vehicles for the Street and Motorcycle classes as well. The Full House Motorsports LLC team has been working feverishly to keep the high standards of the show that were set back in 2011, and 2013 is shaping up to keep that tradition in place.

We would suggest to all the vehicle owners to get their registrations in as early as possible this year as the demand to participate is growing tremendously. For the business owners out there, this is even more critical as this year, as there are limited spots open for vendors this year.

Be a part of an ongoing Philadelphia tradition!!

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1st Annual Miss NorthEast Nationals Bikini Contest

1st Annual Miss NorthEast Nationals bikini contest

For the first time, the NorthEeast Rod And Custom Nationals will be presenting the 1st Miss NorthEeast Rod And Custom Nationals with a collection of beautiful women vying for this position. The object of this contest is to become one of the finest car show contest winners with professional judging and cash prizes awarded. See the Enrty Rules and Documentation Here 1st Annual Miss NorthEast Nationals Bikini Contest Rules And Forms

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NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals Announces NEW Awards!

Rob Ida Custom Concepts AutomotiveThe NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals is pleased to announce a "partnership" with renowned car builder Rob and Bob Ida from Ida Automotive. Rob and his father have been around building cars for many years at their shop in New Jersey, and Rob has been a great supporter of our show from the beginning.

In 2011, Rob picked just one car from the show field as his "favorite" car. In 2012, Rob was asked to dig deep in to his creative juice can.

We asked Rob and his guys to create the ultimate award, the NorthEast Cup. Now, in 2013 Rob will once again be joining the show, but this time he will team up with his father, Bob Ida, and they will be choosing and presenting the Ida Automotive "Top 10" to select car or bike owners of their choice.

Just like the NorthEast Cup, the "Top 10" awards that Rob and his father will present, will be custom designed and manufactured in his shop.

Show your support and check them out online at www.robidaconcepts.com and on Facebook at Rob Ida Concepts

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

Car Show News For Our Opening Post !!

Well, it's been a little while since I've done an update to the News Page on the website. We've been hard at work trying to get all of our new promotional items redesigned, as well as getting the website updated. As you can imagine, with a website as large as the one we have, it takes time. Our webmaster has been working hard, even thru medical issues that slowed him down a bit. But now, we are making headway in bringing you all the information for the 2013 show.

If you haven't seen them already, our new 4x6 cards have been completely redesigned this year thanks to Henry J Classics Garage Facebook. We are also working on a new brochure to specifically "invite" particular vehicles to attend this year's show. We are already starting to ramp things up for the show with a new layout, some new fun stuff for the kids for our Friday Family Day (and the balance of the weekend), another new event for Saturday evening, and so much more!! Returning again in 2013 will be the ever popular Air Brush Face Off, all the great vendors, and of course, the fantastic vehicles!!!

Northeast Custom Car Show Flyers Front

Northeast Custom Car Show Flyers Back

Speaking of vehicles, the registration page of the website has been updated, so that means if you would like to register a vehicle, just click on the link "Registration Forms" and print out the proper form for the class you are registering for!! All applications MUST include photos and be submitted by no later than 2 weeks prior to the show opening on March 22, 2013.

In conclusion, as things progress over the coming 9 months, we will make sure to keep everyone up to date on here and also on Facebook. The NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals is coming back in 2013 for its 3rd year … are YOU going to be there???

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

An Open Perspective From An Enthusiast, The Inside View

As an enthusiast who's participated in various car shows throughout my life I've come to realize there's quite a difference when it comes to indoor car shows compared to most outdoor car shows. I've been to both types and found that the indoor shows really shine, especially the Northeast Rod and Custom Nationals.

Noting the title, I am an insider; yet I like to keep an open mind without any thought of bias or exaggeration. As an insider, I mean I have the opportunity to be part of the show as the webmaster, photographer, and a supporter. With that being said, I am given the opportunity to speak freely.

Throughout my life I too have been an enthusiast of all types of motorsports, some may not consider car shows to be of the motorsports genre, I beg to differ. The spectators, participants, sponsors and vendors all have the same goal in mind; that is to do something different with the vehicles and create masterpieces out of machines.

2011 was my first year at the Inaugural; I was immediately sold on Philadelphia having a new indoor custom rod and car show. In my younger years I still remember as if it was yesterday visiting the Civic Center in Philadelphia. This was a once a year deal, and we couldn't wait to see all of the machines lined up sparkling. Full House Motorsports LLC brought this back to the Philadelphia area and in a big way at the Oaks Convention Center. I literally felt renewed that the crew Brian Lutz had put together to again awaken my senses for a second year would not fall short of my expectations.

As the webmaster, I began seeing this second annual Rod and Custom car show starting to take shape, I'll have to admit it was exciting just thinking that someone was putting this much heart and soul into this event again with the benefit of more staff; they are to be commended as well.

Opening-day I was just like everyone else; unwary of what was going to be inside. Brian Lutz and the Full House Motorsports LLC team had proven once again that their show was to rival any Autorama, nationals or regionals. I felt there was nothing I couldn't see at this car show, all the classes including the show class, street class, and motorcycle class. I knew there'd be the Northeast Cup and the Elite 6 included. I could only guess (and I was pretty far off the mark) of who these major car show winners would be at the end of the event. This show lacked nothing as patrons swelled through all day, sponsors, vendors and owners greeted one and all with either something to take home or just good old car talk to anyone who attended.

I spent four days scouring the cars, admiring the craftsmanship, and the attention to detail that every one of these owners had brought their cars to the show to be judged on the merit of their work. I personally don't like being judged but these participants live for it and I completely understand this now.

Seeing the final elite six chosen I realized what this was about. Car owners meticulously striving to do something better, more over-the-top, or just defining the age old prominence of owning that one car that took the title. This is literally bragging rights, and well-deserved. The 2012 NorthEast car show nationals is easily one of the most recognizable indoor car shows of this decade, why would anybody want anything less than this Northeast Cup to be a part of their cars history.

The amount of awards given at the end of the show was immense. Throughout all the classes, it almost seemed like everyone received something for their efforts not to mention how much of this I understood went to charity.

With over 300 cars in attendance again this year, I wasn't let down. I again look forward to the 3rd Annual Northeast Custom Car Show to bring out the best and give the most to the deserving owners and patrons.

I believe it will be something they'll remember as I did, a new status of quality indoor car shows that will be quite hard for others to follow the future.

Northeast Rod And Custom Car Show blogger pagebreak

Hot Rod Magazine Live Overview With Dennis Pittsenbarger

As the host of Hot Rod Magazines Radio Show, I have the opportunity to go to some of the largest and longest running car events in the country and without a doubt, Brian and his team at Full House Motorsports LLC have made the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals a must-go/must attend event for me each and every year.

At first, you must understand the apprehension to come to a 1st time show. In 2011, I hesitantly took the plane ride to the east coast, not knowing what to expect? Is it going to have the cars, the spectators, and support to go up against shows with decades of experience? This show does!! The show has something for everyone - from rat rods to elite show cars the NorthEast Rod & Custom Car Show delivers the goods when it comes to putting together a national event, that anyone would be proud to be a part of, either as a spectator or exhibitor.

The bottom line is simple. The show is fun. I could spend hours embellishing on every little detail, but what really matters to everyone from the normal guy looking to see a collection of cool rides, to the world class competitor looking to add to the trophy case...the NE Rod and Custom Car Show is simply put...fun. And to this car guy, that's what matters.

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