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NEW!! Quicktime Slot Car Drag Racing

NEW NorthEast Car Show Nationals GASOLINE ALLEY!!

NEW NorthEast Car Show Nationals Student Career Day

NEW NorthEast Car Show Nationals Pin Up Girl Contest

New!! Top Sportsman Alley

RETURNING!! Car Corral for 2014

NEW 2014 Air Brush Competition

2014 Womens World Fair

NEW 2014 Pinewood Derby

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Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show Immediate Press Release

Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show Press Release

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Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show 2014 Show Follow-up

Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show Champion Alan Beers 1957 Chevy QuicksilverWell, the 2014 show is in the books and is now history. As we look back on this year's show, the first thing that comes to mind is all the great sponsors that came on board this year to help support the 4th annual show. Without all these great companies, it's virtually impossible to put the show on. So, if you haven't gotten familiar with these companies, please do so, they provide some great services and / or products!!

Next, we can't thank all the wonderful vehicle owners and vendors that made this year the biggest yet! Well in excess of 80 vendors and just over 310 vehicles were on display for the weekend!! A record of over 250 vehicles were just in the Street Class alone!!

The new additions to the show were also a big hit!! Gasoline Alley was packed to the gills with quite a few cool rides. This part of the show will also continue and from what we've heard, will be bigger in 2015! The Pin Up Contest was also a huge hit! Approximately 30 ladies participated in this and from the crowds, was a very popular addition to the show.

Let's talk celebrities - Brett Wagner aka Big Schwag was on hand all weekend and had a great time at the show! Brett even struck a deal with some of the show sponsors (Rubright Racing Enterprises and North Montco Vo Tech) to have a drag car built by the kids at the school. (look for this car to debut at our show in 2015). Richard Rawlings and Christie Brimberry from Gas Monkey Garage and Discovery's Fast N' Loud were on hand Saturday and Sunday and from the lines of people, we think everyone enjoyed seeing them and getting their autograph!

In conclusion, we would like to congratulate not only the cars that took home awards, but every single person who entered a vehicle. Without your passion, we honestly wouldn't have a show to put on. We will start working on the 2015 show in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, we hope everyone enjoys the galleries of photos that we will have on our website.

See everyone in 2015!!!

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Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show Less than a week to go!!

Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show T-Shirts

Thats right, as of the writing of this, there is less than a week to go until the show starts moving in over 70 vendors and approx. 300 vehicles in to the Expo Center in Oaks, PA!! We have a full Event Schedule for you on the Event Information page of the website so you dont miss a thing that is happening at the show!

For car owners: If you have NOT received your check in information, please contact us immediately at necarshow@comcast.net. We will be sure to keep everyone up to date with happenings and photos on our Facebook pages, but for now, this will be our last update prior to the show!!

Thank you to all the vendors, vehicle owners, and sponsors that have made the 4th annual show possible!!

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Check Out Our Newest Promotional Video, playing on TV and Radio.

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Just About 30 Days To Go Until Showtime!!

Well, we've been quite busy in the office over the past month! As many have seen, we've added to the Featured Celebrities Page by announcing the appearance of Richard Rawlings and Christie Brimberry to the show.

Come Meet The Stars Of Fast And Loud
Richard Rawlings and Christie Brimberry
These Scheduled times for Autographs

1-2PM 4-5PM Sat

Noon to 1PM Sunday.

Brett Wagner aka Big Schwag will be on hand all weekend having some fun and doing some announcements for us during the show.

Registration is still open as the show is not quite full yet for vendors and vehicle owners, but space is getting filled up fast. Our PO Box has been quite full daily with forms.

We've been lucky enough to add quite a few new sponsors to the show this year and we honestly can't thank all the great businesses for supporting us once again. We will have a full list on a board as you enter the show this year.

We are working on getting the weekend Event Schedule on to the website, but we keep adding things that this is changing daily. Once it is 100% done, we will be sure to get it listed.

Our advertising campaign will be starting in just a few short weeks as well. TV, radio, and some great print magazines will be running advertisements for the show!

Again, as time draws closer, we will keep everyone informed as best we can with the goings-on for the 4th annual show!

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Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show T-Shirts

Northeast Rod & Custom Car Show T-Shirts

The tee shirt design for 2014!! Green Mountain Monogram will have a booth, so make sure you pick one up at the show!!

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The Tucci Hot Rods Award of Excellence

The Tucci Hot Rods Award of Excellence Our good friend Dave Tucci from Tucci Hot Rods will once again be providing some great custom built awards to the show.

The Tucci Hot Rods Award of Excellence awards will be added to the awards list for Sunday's awards ceremony!

A special thanks goes out to Dave for his continued support of our show!!

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The Time is Near, Some News Updates:

Northeast Custom Car Show The Time is Near First off, I want to apologize to everyone that follows our News Page. It's been a while since I have done an update, and that's for many reasons!! We have been getting inundated with work from the show and also all the snow storms we have been having lately. So, let's give everyone out there some updates on what's going on...

We keep getting asked if there is still room in the show. The short answer is yes. While we do have quite a lot of registrations for both vendor spots and vehicle spots, there is still space, but you have to get the paperwork in ASAP to ensure your space!! For vehicles, you can visit the Registration Page and print out the forms that apply for you. For vendors, visit the Vendors Page and print your paperwork. The only thing that guarantees your space in the show is if you get your paperwork in!!

Don't forget that we brought back the Car Corral for 2014. Those that registered for it in 2013 as well as others that are selling their vehicles wanted it back, so we listened!! This is one of the best ways to market your vehicle to prospective buyers, so sign up today!!

Our special event Quicktime Slot Car Drag Racing seems to be VERY popular for the Slot Drag guys!! Our friends over at Fast Track Hobbies are also having a national meet on Saturday, but you have to register with them. The Quicktime event, just get your paperwork in as this is limited on how many entrants we can take, but there is still room.

The NEW NorthEast Car Show Nationals Pin Up Girl Contest has quite a few entrants already, and everyone is loving the fact that we changed to this style of contest!! Remember ladies, it's FREE to enter, just get the paperwork in!

Both the Pinewood Derby Contest and Career Day are also picking up steam for those that want to participate. Deadlines to register for these two areas are March 1st.

Our ever popular Air Brush Battles 2014 - well, what can we say!?!? The artists that participate in this are looking forward to having a little fun this year!! Remember, there are 4 this year! Friday night will be Kid themed and Saturday evening will be movie themed, while the other 2 will be open designs. We will be auctioning these off twice during the weekend...Once Saturday afternoon (Friday night and Saturday afternoon artworks) and once on Sunday afternoon (Saturday evening and Sunday artworks).

We would like to once again thank all the great sponsors that support the show!! Without them, the show wouldn't be possible, so make sure to visit the Sponsors Page and support them as well. We will be updating with new sponsors that are coming on board in the near future as well.

We are working on some new Featured Celebrities that will be joining the show, but unfortunately we have to wait until all contracts are confirmed and signed. Once this is done, we will be sure to announce who they are and when they will be at the show.

Lastly, we cannot thank many people enough for their support. We are heading in to our 4th year with the show and without the support of the vehicle owners, the vendors, the sponsors, and of course the spectators, we would not be able to put this show on, so Thank You to each and every one of you!!! We will see you all in just a short 2 months!!

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Effective Immediately!

Effective immediately! As of January 16, 2014, Full House Motorsports LLC, its President and officers, owners of the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals are no longer represented by Tina Kennedy and GMAXX Marketing in regards to marketing, sponsorship, media, and representation. Any person or company that has had or will have contact with GMAXX Marketing, Tina Kennedy, or their representatives are asked to contact Full House Motorsports LLC directly regarding marketing purposes. This letter will serve as official notice of termination of said relationship between the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals, Full House Motorsports LLC and GMAXX Marketing.

Brian Lutz
Full House Motorsports LLC
Owner, NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals

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The End Of 2013 Is Near!

Yes, as we come close to the end of the 2013 calendar year, that means we are even closer to the 4th Annual NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals! For those that have followed us year after year, the show keeps getting bigger and better, and 2014 will once again be a banner year. With the newly added 10,000 sq. ft. space for Gasoline Alley there will be even more to do at the show!

Weve already touched on everything that is 100% in the books for the coming year, but were not done yet! We are working on some additional surprises that will be added. Car Show Sponsors are also seeing the added value of marketing with our show, and that means more for the participants and spectators alike!

We have our full page ads running in magazines such as Cruisin Times Magazine, Show & Cruise News, American Car Collector, and others! We are working on some new designs for our 4x6 cards as well.

For now, the indoor show season is just beginning across the north east states, and we will be out and about visiting many shows to bring the best cars to the Philly region for everyone to see.

We would like to wish all our faithful followers, sponsors, vendors, and participants a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a very joyous holiday season!!

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Some BIG Car Show News November 2013

Well, it's all "big" news when it comes to the 2014 NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals, isn't it? We've been hard at work adding new features to the show and revamping other things that have been long standing. Let's give a recap for those that haven't noticed!!

Yes, we've been keeping our webmaster quite busy lately with changes to the website. One of the biggest things that is quite noticeable is the new look to the homepage to make navigation a little easier for everyone visiting the site. As things progress closer to the show, this will have more information added so everyone knows what is going on.

Anyway, let's talk about the new and returning stuff!!
  • 1. We've brought back the popular Pinewood Derby contest that debuted in 2013. The local scouts had a great time at this event and it will return in 2014!
  • 2. The HUGELY popular Air Brush Battles are a continuing tradition at the show with even more artists! This year, there will be 4 battles that will take place. Two of the four will be themed events as well!
  • 3. Career Day is back in 2014 and is much bigger and better than ever!! A whole new program has been developed for the local school students as well.
  • 4. Replacing the Bikini Contest from 2013 will be a Pin-up Contest in 2014! Do you enjoy the family friendly look of pin-ups? Well, there will be plenty of ladies competing in this on Saturday evening of the show!
  • 5. NEW "GASOLINE ALLEY" probably the most anticipated addition to the show! New for 2014 is this part of the show featuring traditional hot rods, "rat" rods, old skool rods, and so much more! This part of the show features its own awards and will take place in the newly expanded 10,000 sq. ft. area of the Expo Center.
  • 6. Women's World is back for 2014 as well. This is the hugely popular area of the show featuring vendors that cater specifically to the ladies.
  • 7. The Wish Hauler "Raffle Car", our project 1949 Ford F1 pickup to benefit the Make-a-Wish Foundation is getting close to final assembly. It will be at the show and one lucky person will own this great truck!
  • 8. New and returning Car Show Sponsors are still in the process of getting their respective paperwork in to start their advertising campaigns!
  • 9. Vendors: Once again, the Expo Center will have some great vendors at the show displaying their products and/or services. Get registered today!
  • 10. Vehicle Registration well, with the addition of Gasoline Alley and some small tweaks to awards in other classes, 2014 looks to be another incredible year! To ensure your space, get registered today!
  • 11. Featured Celebrities We've already made the announcement that Brett Wagner aka Big Schwag will be at the show all weekend and we are in talks with others to attend the show!
As you can see, there's plenty going on in 2014 and we aren't done yet!! We are working on many more additions to make 2014 better than before (if that's even possible!). We are already just shy of 1/4 of the way full for vehicle registrations, but with an expanded show, that means MORE vehicles in 2014! We always say it year after year, don't delay in getting registered for the show! The excitement is building, can you feel it?

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2013 SEMA Show and the NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals...

Well, we are back from our annual trip to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas! Once again, the show did NOT disappoint! We were able to visit the many companies that have supported us over the years, as well as making contacts for new companies. We were also able to make some contacts with builders and car owners that are interested in attending the show in 2014. As time progresses, we will share those companies that will be joining the show.

One of the best parts of the week was the great response to the Wish Hauler "Raffle Car". Many great companies are coming on board to help us in completing the build and raising some money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. As we get logos and things confirmed, we will be posting their information.

As we now move on to do all our follow-ups from SEMA, we would like to remind everyone that registration for both vehicles and vendors is OPEN, but things are heating up. We are getting regular applications and inquiries every day, and there is still time, but we would suggest getting your paperwork in sooner rather than later.

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September Update About The Upcoming Northeast Custom Car Show Nationals

As I sit here and write this update, the weather is starting to get cooler and the outdoor show season is starting to wind down. I'm sure you know what that means...It means that it's time to start thinking of your plans over the winter months. While we do support many other indoor shows during the season (MotoramaEvents that takes place in February in Harrisburg and also the Cavalcade of Cars that takes place in March in Hamburg, NY), our show takes place at the tail end of the indoor show season, and that means we are typically beyond the snow season as well. We've been getting all sorts of calls and emails from builders and car owners looking to debut their fresh builds at the show this year!!

As you may have noticed, we've made some changes and additions to the show this year, and believe me, there are more coming. The Bikini Contest that took place in 2013 is changing to a Pin-up Contest in 2014. This will make Saturday evening a little more "family friendly" for any of the younger generations that will be on the show floor. We've also been contacted by a few more airbrush artists to join the Air Brush Battles. These "competitions" that take place at the show have been a staple of the show for a few years now, and they are getting bigger. Women's World is back once again and even more vendors are looking to sign up so the ladies have a little more to do than look at cars. We are also bringing back Career Day, the Pinewood Derby Contest, and so much more! As for additions, until we can get things "signed on the dotted line", we can't share but as we've done every year, it's something that will just add something different and cool to the show.

Like I said, there are only 5 months to go until the show opens, so we would suggest that you start to make your plans to attend. We've already started to receive applications for vehicles, Women's World vendors, regular vendors, and more...so don't delay!!!

Car Show Registration
Car Show Vendors Information
As time roles on now, I will be doing more updates as to the happenings for the 2014 show, so stay tuned!!!!

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September Update About The Upcoming Northeast Custom Car Show Nationals

Well, first thing I would like to say is that I would like to apologize to everyone. It's been a while since I've done an update on the show. Due to vacation and a battle with pneumonia in August, I feel as if that month was a complete waste of time! However, still being sick, I still was trying to get things done via the internet and emails.

Now that the unofficial end of summer has come and gone, the work on the 2014 NorthEast Rod and Custom Nationals is starting to really get heated up. The Full House Motorsports LLC Team still has a few more outdoor events to get through, but we are working diligently on the 2014 indoor show. Let's start out with all that's going on...

The Wish Hauler 1949 Ford F-1 pickup is getting its new chassis fitted by Street Dreams Rod and Custom. Plan is to debut the truck at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas before hitting some shows over the winter time. The winning ticket will be drawn on March 23, 2014, so make sure to head to that page, print your form, and get your tickets today!!

Vehicle registrations are starting to also pick up steam. We are also working on "tweaking" some of the awards in the vehicle classes, so stay tuned for announcements about those. If you are looking to register your vehicle, just head to Our 2014 Car Show Registration Page and print the form and send it in. There are some "special" things in the works this year regarding vehicles, so once they are finalized, we will also announce those.

Vendors - well, what can we say?!? 2013 was a very good year for many of our vendors, and the inquiries to become a new or returning vendor are skyrocketing this year. We would suggest that if you plan to showcase your business, don't delay in printing the form and getting your space reserved today! Just visit Our 2014 Vendors Page Here and get your form.

The "special" attractions that we host (Air Brush Battles, etc) will once again be back in 2014. All artists from 2013 (Killer Kreations, KRB Graphics, CPR Custom Paint, and PaintZoo) have all confirmed that they are returning. Also, to replace the Bikini Contest, in 2014 we will hold a Pin Up Contest. Details on this are forthcoming.

As time roles on now, I will be doing more updates as to the happenings for the 2014 show, so stay tuned!!!!

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New 2014 Custom Car Show Updates And Beyond

Well, as you can see, the header to the website has been changed to reflect the dates for 2014. While that portion has changed, the website itself still reflects a lot of the coverage, sponsors, and more from the 2013 show. This information will remain on the website, but as we go thru changing the website and updating it for the 2014 show, that information will be archived. You will still be able to see it all, just on new pages.

For participants, please bear with us while we convert the website. There will be some changes to the rules and other information for the 2014 show.

For spectators, you can rest assured that the 2014 show will once again set the benchmark for indoor shows on the east coast!!

Stay tuned everyone!!

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