Pro Mod Alley 2014 | Pro Modifieds Sponsored by
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Pro Mod Alley 2014 | Pro Modifieds Sponsored by

The Northeast Custom Car Show Nationals returns to the fans the awesome horsepower and shining examples of "Pro Mod Alley" Sponsored By In Association With "Full House Motorsports LLC and Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association" for a full weekend of seeing these Pro Modified Door Slammers up close and personal with some of the biggest names in the sport attending. Also new to this weekend is the inclusion of vendors specific to these wild rides and teaching seminars by supercharger, turbocharger, and nitrous specialists. See All The Event Happenings, News, And Rides Attending Below:

Pro Mod Alley News, Events, Rides And Vendors

Jessica Barton And Camaro Pro ModLast year at the Inaugural Northeast Rod and Custom Car Show Nationals "Pro Mod Alley" made its debut. It was a complete success laying out some of the finest door slammers and Pro Modified Race Cars on the east coast, many of whom were awarded trophies and celebrity picks.

This year the Northeast Custom Car Show in association with Full House Motorsports LLC, and the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association brings in a much larger display of outright horsepower filling the larger Alley.

Inside there will be up to seven of the finest, supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous Pro Mods on the east coast most of whom are members of the Northeast Outlaw Pro Mod Association, a group of racers from the Mid-Atlantic States and Canada that run full quarter mile race series at many of the local tracks from New Jersey to Virginia.

The champions will be on hand proving these cars show as well as they go with unequivocal fan interaction included as they do at the races.

Engines producing upwards of 3,000 horsepower some surpassing the 900ci mark corralled and tamed in their respective areas will be something for the whole family to enjoy.

Running these high powered door cars and keeping them spotless is a task when speeds of 230MPH plus and elapsed times dipping into the five second range are the usual place they prefer.

The sleek aerodynamic bodies poised over chrome moly frames can accelerate 60ft in less than a second exacting somewhere near 4g's of force on the driver. The drivers have had much time in the spotlight as champions, magazine subjects and highly recognized figures in the sport.

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